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Frequently Asked Questions




What sets Doctor Headlight apart from the other guys?



Only Doctor Headlight guarantees to restore any headlight to out-of-the-box like new condition regardless of their current condition.


Only Doctor Headlight guarantees your restoration to last a LIFETIME without the reoccurrence of any yellowing or oxidation. Should your headlights ever re-yellow, we will buy you brand new headlights. PERIOD...

Doctor Headlight's system is not a cleaner; it is a propriatery process that goes beyond all current conventional polishing and kit based cleaning processes to address external issues that were previously impossible to correct. Rock chips, sand pitting, dry cracks, oxidation, and tarnishing can now be corrected, and lenses can be restored to 100% like new condition.

Our assembly repairs ® process can now address and permanently repair internal issues such as internal water damage, internal HID haze, failed seals, and internal condensation. Unlike most other shops and services we don't use cheap kits, and each Doctor Headlight technician is certified in headlight repair. Every prospective technician receives a comprehensive training in the application and use of our patented formulas and equipment. In addition, each technician carries a two million dollar commercial-general liability insurance policy against any property damages and warranties.

Here at Doctor Headlight we believe if the restoration did not work the first time, what's going to make the second time any different? "Get the job done right the first time, Call the Doctor."

Nationwide support with quarterly check-ups to insure your headlight looks as good entering your fourth year of warranty as your first.

Our process - We guarantee to restore any headlight regardless of its current condition to out-of-the-box like new condition. We also offer the industry's only lifetime replacement warranty, a guarantee no other service is willing to put in writing.

I paid someone to clean my lights with a kit a few weeks ago and now they look terrible, can you correct the problem?

Yes, our technicians are trained in headlight repair and correction. We correct the botched restorations everyday and restore those headlights to pristine like new finishes.

Why do headlight lenses cloud and yellow?

Most headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate. The polycarbonate lenses have a .03 mil thick coating to protect the lens from the environment. Once this barrier weakens and wears, the lenses are exposed. Daily exposure to road debris, chemicals, vehicle exhaust and UV rays result in the pitting and yellowing of the surface the polycarbonate lens. In most cases the polycarbonate will dry out and begin to craze, or crack. Companies who "buff" or "polish" headlights simply reseal the lenses with wax which wears off after a few months leaving them prone to getting even more yellow than before. DON'T BUFF YOUR LIGHTS... RELENS THEM!

Is any of the cloudiness inside the lenses?

Yes, generally 40% of all headlight assemblies have cloudiness that is within the light assembly itself. Often dealerships, detailers, or repair shops, will claim you need to buy new headlights once they have cleaned the lenses and notice they have condensation or HID haze within them. Services often lie to customers and claim expensive replacement is their only alternative, this is simply not true. We can dry, clean and reseal any headlight Failed assembly -- Guaranteed New or It's Free!

How long does the restoration last?

Doctor Headlight offers the industry's only LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. No other product or service is willing to offer a replacement warranty.

Can you restore all headlights lenses?

Absolutely! Unlike all of our competitors, we can restore both polycarbonate and glass lenses.

I found several restoration kits on the internet and at auto part stores. Do any of these work?

NO - Used car dealers use this cheap "stick it to the buyers" process. Others "buff" the headlights clean enough the purchaser doesn't notice. Buffing/polishing or kits only last a few months, but that's all time the dealer needs to sell you that lemon. Remember, once it leaves the lot, it your problem! If you are considering the purchase of a used car over three years old and the lenses seem in ok, chances are they have been previously cleaned, ask your dealer for a multiple year replacement warranty before you purchase the car. This will eliminate you incurring any future replacement cost.

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